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[Janelle Monae] Bowtie

mechanicaljewel in michael_chabon


I just got make from Michael's Harvard Square reading!!

He gave an amazing speech beforehand about identity, both as a Jew and a genre fiction enthusiast (and he mentioned Kurt Vonnegut and said something in either Hebrew or Yiddish that I'm assuming was along the lines of "may he rest in peace" which warmed my heart and made me tear up).  Then he took questions (I was first because I was in the second row!)  I asked him about the role/lack thereof of Watson in The Final Solution, and he gave a very thoughtful response along the lines of 'I really wanted to get in to Holmes's head, and besides Watson was probably dead by 1944'

I gave him a birthday card, because it's in three weeks, and mine's the day before.  I stole a pen from CVS to write it, and I told him as much. 

He signed my copies of Kavalier and Clay, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, The Final Solution, Summerland, and of course The Yiddish Policemen's Union.  I'm saving all my Escapist TPBs for his signing in Boston tomorrow, and I shall probably acquire one of his books I do not own yet then as well.  I got a friend I made in line to take a picture of us, and after finally getting the flash to work, I got a picture!  But it was a disposable camera, not a digital, so no pictures yet.

He also told us about a fantastic organization, 826 National, which is an after-school writing tutoring program which has locations in 6 cities (Boston will soon be the 7th!)  They not only help the kids write papers and stories, but also teach them how to produce and self-publish.  The location in San Francisco is 'hidden' in a 'pirate supply shop', the one in NYC is in a 'superhero supply shop'.  I wish I could volunteer there, but the Boston one doesn't open till the fall, and I'm going to be studying abroad in London.  Next summer.

I hope all of you get the chance to see him!  And I'll probably have another report tomorrow.


EEeeeeee!!! That is so cool! What a great experience--and so close to him, too! Can't wait to see the pictures.
He was all kinds of adorable. I love his voice, too, so I need to go listen to that Terry Gross interview you posted (she's got a soothing voice too)

P.S. 826 is Dave Eggers' organization...
Crap! Knew I forgot to mention something. Oh well.