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[Janelle Monae] Bowtie

mechanicaljewel in michael_chabon

All the Chabon-based fanfiction on the Net (and some in print)

If this comm was founded in order to serve as Ground Zero for the Michael Chabon fandom, it would make sense (i.e. be appropriately geeky) if we had a list of fanfiction here. After all, Michael says that his work is essentially fanfiction. So I'll list all the fics I find (plus engage in some blatant self-promotion), and if anyone finds any more, just leave it in the comments, and I'll add it in later.

[[Edited March 2008 (finally) to include Yuletide 2007 entries.  Incidentally, there's tons of unfilled requests in the "New Year's Resolutions" challenge for Kavalier and Clay, Wonder Boys, and The Yiddish Policemen's Union, if anyone's bored.

Wonder Boys

Inspired - The day Hannah moved into Professor Tripp's house, she knew it was a mistake. by kassrachel
The World's Fair - He sends cards from the West Coast, from the future, where the world is starting to seem fair. by sahiya
[x-Jeeves & Wooster] Jeeves Helps the Escapist Escape - (ongoing series, WIP) Jeeves is asked to help the actor friend of a comic book writer avoid the bonds of matrimony. by </a></b></a>mechanicaljewel 
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
The Escapist:

City in Chains - (The author did not provide a summary, and I still need to read this, so I can't tell you what it's about. It's a mystery! Go find out!) by Niall Mor mac Liam

And don't forget The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, by various writers and artists, available from Dark Horse Comics, as well as Brian K. Vaughn's miniseries, The Escapists, about three friends who decide to revive The Escapist character, and face the villains of the entertainment industry.

I'm surprised there's not more Wonder Boys fic. I'm not sure what's going to happen with The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, given the less-than-glowing reviews the movie has been getting. But the Coen Brothers are doing The Yiddish Policemen's Union!! ::happy dance::


Thanks for this list! I'll tell you, there for a while, it was slim pickin's for fic, but now all of a sudden there's lots of good stuff all over the place!

You know, MC does talks at bookstores, at least as far East as the Denver area. I know his personal website is languishing, but does the Escapist website have a list of his appearances?

::tries hard not to look like a stalker::
He's got a Google calendar. It's on the "Links" sidebar, or here:


And don't worry about stalking. He's got two signings in Boston in a few weeks, and I'm going to both. The second one is at a Borders that opens at 7am. Guess who's going to be there then?
I haven't found any Wonder Boys fic, which surprises me
Me too ;__;