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in_love_rooted in michael_chabon

This interview with the Borders Media crew came to my inbox this morning. I've watched about half of the segments so far. It's funny to see the interviewers sort of falling all over themselves; (and also Chabon basking in their admiration) clearly, they are operating as fans, not critics. I'd be the same way, I'm sure.

At first, I thought this was going to be like every other interview about YPU, but there were also some fun questions. Kids in bed, a complex relationship with chess, etc. There was a brief mention of his strong female characters, and I wish they'd talked about that some more; I've always loved Chabon's women.

I also enjoyed hearing him talk about his writing style: he speaks of 'pushing sentences' and 'pressuring the language' and one gets a little glimpse of the effort that makes his writing so damn good.

Finally: anyone working on his new book of essays Maps and Legends yet? I got it in the mail a couple weeks ago, (it has a gorgeous layered dust jacket...on pure aesthetics, it promises to be wonderful) but I'm waiting to finish reading Love in the Time of Cholera before beginning it. New Chabon---always a pleasure to be savored.