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Reading, Dan

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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

I have recently finished reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and posted a review on my blog. It was my first foray into his works, and I enjoyed it immensely. Since the book is a long one and conveyed a lot of information, I am afraid that my review was not only on the long side, but I split up the subject matter into two extra special focus reviews, which I posted on two other sites-- 1) on the jewishbookclub community and 2) on the biggaybooks community.

I want to also thank 

mechanicaljewel for re-posting the “extra” chapter so I could read it  immediately after I finished the book.  In a certain regard I fouind that chapter a little disturbing, as it didn’t quite fit in with how I imagined the story would continue.  And that put me in a conundrum—  Do I consider the story closed at the end of the novel and disregard the “extra” chapter?  Or do I simply take from it what I want and leave the rest behind ("take the best, and leave the rest"), and consider it an outtake, but with valid information? 

I chose the latter course as it was a poignant and well-written scene, and provided Sammy with some character details that I was grateful to read.

The novel certainly got me involved with the characters, and in spite of its length I could have continued reading much more about them, and how they go on with their lives.