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[Janelle Monae] Bowtie

mechanicaljewel in michael_chabon

Gentlemen of the Road, Chapter 14

The latest chapter is up!

Chapter 14: On the Melancholy Duty of Soldiers to Contend With the Messes Left by Kings

Alas, I have been having to contend with the last few weeks of classes/preparing for finals, ergo, not caught up yet.  I did make it to Chapter 8!  But that's not very close to 14.  By Thursday, I really want to be all caught up, classes be damned!  Seriously, I'm already skipping my absolute last class of the semester so as to have more time hanging around Harvard Square waiting for him.  (That, and it's like the 5th day of discussing Lolita, and my professor is not approaching it as a satire, but more or less as a manifesto of the 'beauty' of the 'love' between a grown man and a 12-year-old girl.  Yeah, creepy.  Just, really glad that he's a college professor).